• Delaney Martin

  • Delaney Martin (b. 1976, Honolulu, Hawaii) Martin is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work engages the historical and cultural specificity of people and places to create spectacular, immersive environments marked by frequent collaborations and performance. Martin has lived and worked in New York, Los Angeles, London and New Orleans. In 2008, she founded New Orleans Airlift with Jay Pennington out of a desire to give back and go back to New Orleans post-Katrina. Her work as Airlift’s Artistic Director from 2009 -2023 led her to create ever more ambitious, highly collaborative multidisciplinary art works that became Airlift’s creative calling card. This era of her work with Airlift was a deeply rewarding experience that enlarged her practice and her commitment to the power of collaboration between artists and communities. Martin left her full time duties in 2023 to pursue her independent art practice.
  • Jay Pennington

  • Jay is a music producer, cultural-connector, artist manager, writer, event producer, curator.Airlift is a concept that originated in his attempt to find purpose and retain community in the aftermath of post-Katrina New Orleans. Jay left full time duties at Airlift in 2022 to pursue personal work in music and event production.


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