Upstairs at the Wax Museum



On the first weekend of May, 2014, the Airlift held a masked ball in honor of the meeting of the courts of New Orleans Bounce  and New York Vogue. 

Project Description:

Legendary rappers Big Freedia, Katey Red, Sissy Nobby, and amazing dancers Ro, K Gunna, Ra Ra and Tori represented for New Orleans Bounce, while commentators Jack Mizrahi and Kevin jz Prodigy mastered the ceremonies, dance luminaries Leiomy Prodigy, Kassandra Ebony and Nunney Karma brought their elegance and unbelievable talent. DJ’s MikeQ, Rusty Lazer and Lil’ Man supplied the beats. And the rest is history.

The ball, held in the Wax Museum on Conti St. in the storied French Quarter, was designed in the spirit of a Vogue Ball meeting a Bounce Shakedown meeting an unconventional New Orleans masked ball.  A small army of local artists brought the magic in powerful and unforgettable ways. Honored guests arrived in chariots of wildly different styles created by iconic local and international artists. All guests were ushered in by the iconic and mystifying LiquidNailz and entertained and enlightened during their journey through the Wax Museum’s somewhat jarring dioramas by The New Orleans Society for Tableau Vivant. A human sized swinging chandelier met guests at the top of the stairs where decorations by Margot Walsh, Ellery Neon and Andrew Schrock transformed the space into a ballroom worthy of such a unique convergence. This is only a handful of the talented people it took to make this happen, please see our additional links for a detailed list of participants and creators, and more amazing images.

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