The Music Box is a breathtaking feat of DIY engineering, a collaborative revelation that seamlessly weaves architecture, sculpture, musical composition, folk art and installation into a living, breathing, “sound-making member” of the neighborhood.

- ARTNET, Emily Nathan

As arts organizations go, New Orleans Airlift is one of a kind.

-Sculpture Magazine, Eric Bookhardt

High concept and nontraditional as it may be,(The Music Box) has found a place in the long history of New Orleans music. The Music Box's central idea — that music is something in which you can live — turns out to be the fundamental tenet of the city where it has thrived, and which it's inspired.

-NPR, Ann Powers

The Music Box is a not-to-miss event for lovers of adventuresome music, art or just gorgeous experiences. Bravo to all the brilliant builders, musicians and visionaries. The Music Box is many dreams come true.

-Times Picayune, Doug McCash

“This is the way New Orleans embraces creativity. Punks, thugs, motorbike guys” (and girlyboy majorettes,) “this event brings everyone together and we all co-exist.”

- Head of Security, Kenneth Talley for OkayPlayer at Airlift’s Rally Under the Bridge


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